Vehicles that can update their systems via an Internet connection are sold, without having to go to a workshop.

The eCall system, an automatic emergency call in case of accident, is standard on all new models.

There are already more mobile phone lines in the world than inhabitants. And cars have become connected offices.

Every week you spend an average of 9 hours on Twitter, 4.3 hours on Facebook, 3.34 hours on YouTube… And you spend 9.5 hours travelling in a car.

Every Spanish person spends 3 hours a day checking their social media accounts and 80% of them access from their mobile phones. It is increasingly common to do so from the car.

If you connect your mobile phone and your vehicle, you can do your shopping from your car, switch on the air conditioning at home or call the workshop.

According to IBM, every day, 35 billion new computer threats are detected worldwide every day!

Cyber-attacks cost individuals and enterprises almost 450 billion euros every year. Spain suffers 137,000 attacks every day.

In 3 years there will be 50 billion connected devices and 10 million autonomous cars on the road.


The main objective of Grupo Cybentia is to raise awareness of the importance of cybersecurity in vehicles and to show how to protect themselves and protect them, in a simple way, from the threats that arise when driving in a digital environment.

Experts say that social engineering is the main cybersecurity failure for enterprises, families, managers…. It is therefore imperative to raise awareness among people who use connected things in their daily lives; they must learn how to protect themselves from the threats posed by using them.

To have a different, innovative and interactive channel for communication, events and training.

To be an investment hub.

To be a commitment to the present in order to attract the talents of the future.

Bringing the motorworld and cybersecurity to the general public, managers and enterprises in an entertaining way.

WHO SHARES OUR commitment?

Grupo CYBENTIA in its consulting area provides services and solutions to enterprises and institutions that need to know the state of cybersecurity in their mobility and logistics area – vehicle fleets, fleet management system, CSMS, applications, employee protocols, Grupo CYBENTIA in its awareness area addresses to users who want to know the technologies of their vehicles and how to make a cybersecure use of them and the environment and also to companies to raise awareness of the potential risks they may have in their levels of cybersecurity, affecting their logistics, suppliers, brand image, data of their CEOS…

  1. Vehicle fleets.
  2. Leasing enterprises.
  3. Those that hire fleets of cars for their executives.
  4. Car rental enterprises with drivers, such as Uber or Cabify.
  5. Taxi associations.
  6. Enterprises whose logistics require a fleet of vehicles.
  7. Car sharing services.
  1. Who drive a car.
  2. Who travel as passengers.
  3. Who hire a chauffeur-driven or escorted car service.

Hackers, consultants, politicians, businessmen, engineers, journalists…