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The Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers – SERNAUTO – and Grupo CYBENTIA – a research, awareness and strategic communication consultancy on cybersecurity in connected vehicles and smart mobility – have signed a collaboration agreement on cybersecurity applied to mobility and automotive.

This collaboration agreement comes at a time when the development of new automotive technologies and the rise of connected and smart vehicles brings great opportunities for the automotive industry, but also risks in relation to cybersecurity. The growing number of digital elements and devices in vehicles has also led to an increase in cyber-attacks on vehicles and the development and implementation of a European cybersecurity regulation for vehicles: UNECE/R155.

With the signing of this agreement, both entities will work together with the aim of expanding the knowledge and capabilities of automotive suppliers, and more specifically those associated with SERNAUTO, with regard to the cybersecurity of connected vehicles and smart mobility, both in end products and manufacturing processes, which will include a Cybersecurity Management System – CSMS -.

Specifically, SERNAUTO and Grupo CYBENTIA will collaborate in the support and dissemination of cybersecurity solutions, products and services for mobility and automotive through the development of research reports, the delivery of training courses, the organization of events and the implementation of awareness strategies.

For José Portilla, Director General of SERNAUTO , “the digitalization and connectivity of vehicles will play a fundamental role in the mobility of the future, and as those responsible for 75% of the value of the vehicle, automotive suppliers are already developing systems and components for the connectivity and automation of vehicles, as well as for their production processes. For this reason, SERNAUTO’s collaboration in providing support and disseminating information on the importance of cybersecurity in order to achieve connected and safe mobility is of inmense importance”.

For her part, Azucena Hernández, CEO of Grupo CYBENTIA, stressed that “with the alliance signed with Grupo CYBENTIA, SERNAUTO demonstrates a great commitment to its members and becomes the pioneering Association in the sector, prioritising cybersecurity applied to the automotive sector at a key moment: the European cybersecurity regulation for vehicles UNECE/R155 is already being applied”. And she added that “Grupo CYBENTIA and SERNAUTO are starting a journey together in favour of training, awareness and research to position our country as a European leader in cybersecure mobility”.


SERNAUTO is the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers. Founded in 1967, it brings together more than 85% of the sector’s turnover through its member enterprises. It represents an industry of more than 1,000 enterprises that supply components to vehicle manufacturing factories and the aftermarket. This is a strategic sector that in 2021 had a turnover of more than 32,085 million euros in Spain, with 326,600 direct and indirect jobs. It is the third sector that exports the most, directly exporting 60% of production, reaching 82% if components installed in exported vehicles are taken into account.
In addition to being the sector’s interlocutor in the dialogue with the Public Administrations, SERNAUTO is the entity recognized by the Administration as the representative association of the sector in Spain. It is recognized by ICEX Spain Export and Investment for the international promotion of the sector.

SERNAUTO is a member of the Board of Directors of CLEPA (European Association of Automotive Suppliers) and of the Spanish Global Compact Network.

About Grupo CYBENTIA

Grupo CYBENTIA is a consulting enterprise specialized in technology and cybersecurity applied to connected vehicles and smart mobility, which offers services and develops Strategic Communication, Awareness, Training products and Events, as well as elaborating Research Reports in its Cyberlaboratory and advising enterprises and institutions in the search for cybersecurity solutions in automotive/mobility. Grupo CYBENTIA also publishes ‘HackerCar‘. Directed by Javier García, it is the first digital platform for research and awareness-raising specializing in cybersecurity applied to the automotive/smart mobility sector.

With headquarters in Vitoria-Gasteiz – Parke Tecnológico – and in Madrid – Parque Científico -, Grupo CYBENTIA is recommended as a training enterprise by INCIBE and included in the White Paper on Cybersecurity in the Basque Country of the BCSC. It is also a member of the MLC-Its-Euskadi Mobility and Logistics cluster and is a UN service provider.

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